Cookies Policy


What are Cookies?

The cookies are small text files stored on your computer when you visit certain websites.

We help us to improve our website and provide a better and more personalized service.

We give us the opportunity to make an estimate for our target group and how to use to do,

to store information about the preferences of the public (and so allow us to customize our site according to their interests)

to speed searches and to recognize when someone returns to our website. Please note that cookies, you can not harm your computer.

Do not store personal information such as credit card details, but using encrypted information to help improve navigation on the site. We give this information, according to recent legislation and assure you that we are honest and clear with regard to the protection of your privacy when using our website.

Cookies Policy

To make full use of the data on our website, your computer, tablet or mobile phone must accept Cookies, to be able to provide only certain personalized functions of the website to use. The cookies do not store information, such as name, address or payment details. Just keep the items with which you connect. However, if you want to restrict, block or delete cookies from our website, you can use your browser, to do this. Each browser is different, so choose the menu option “Help” (or manually on your mobile device) to learn how to change the options relating to cookies.